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We love smiles, and our goal is to make yours brighter!

ZERObrush is an oral wellness company and we create products which aims to disrupt how users manage and approach their dental health.


Our device makes it convenient, fast, and fully automates how a user cleans their teeth.  Our additional products and services empower users to manage their own dental health and thus improving their overall wellness. 

We are a team of innovators, product experts, providers, clinicians, and scientists. We have diverse and rich background spanning the best in the Dental, product, startup, and software industry. 

We are seed funded with list of strong investors - Social Capital and Angels. 

ZERObrush CSO (Chief Smile Officer) Founder

Dr. Nidhi Pai is the inventor and came up with the concept after spending countless years explaining and getting frustrated with how her patients "brush" their teeth and ruin their gums. Nidhi is a dentist and owns her own dental studio in Palo Alto, CA. She always believes its time to say "No More Brushing".   

You may also find Nidhi advocating sustainable living and her desire is to create a permaculture farm and a dental office in one location. Go figure. 

ZERObrush Chief Product Office , co-founder

Akash Pai loves getting products to market, and seeing the  smile on user's faces after they experience a great product. Over the past two decades, he has lead product teams in various companies -- Microsoft, Yahoo!, Intuit and in startups, and setup dental businesses. He is  firm believer in the holistic and natural approach to healthcare, especially in oral health. When he is not obsessing about Oral Health, its impact on overall health, and preaching about it, Akash finds time to hike and play tennis. 

ZERObrush Principal Scientist

Chris McInnes,PhD, is a veteran of dental engineering. He held prominent scientist position at Sonicare when it was a startup, part of founding team at Ultreo (ultrasonic toothbrush) and principal scientist at Clarisonic. Chris keeps everyone in line by ensuring we follow a strict protocol and yes, he defined the ZERObrush clinical test protocol. 

ZERObrush Lead Mechanical Engineer

Alex Anderson leads the mechanical engineering at ZERObrush. A graduate of University of Washington ME program. Alex is a veteran of all things mechanical given he started his ME journey as a child. Alex loves programming complex ME CAD automation. So, he is a software guy as well. We don't hold that against him. 

ZERObrush Industrial Design and Branding

Jason Hu and ZERObrush go back a long way. Jason miraculously showed up when ZERObrush started and has been there for the product through thick and thin. An industrial design veteran, Jason loves to sketch and doodles his way to some fascinating product designs.  


Jack Gallagher

Jack was President of Sonicare, founder and CEO of Ultrasonic toothbrush company - Ultreo, and CEO of Clarisonic.  

He is member of our board and an active business adviser.

Eric Hixon

Eric is an angel investor and serial entrepreneur. Eric has been actively involved in advising ZERObrush since its birth.   

He is member of our board and an active business adviser.

Dr. Michael Reddy

Dr. Reddy is the Dean of UCSF Dental School in San Francisco. He is a periodontist and is very interested in potential impact of gum health as a result of using ZERObrush. 

Dr. Pierre Mourad

Dr. Mourad has a long history with dental technologies amongst his many varied academic interests. He is world renowned expert in ultrasonic and was founder of Ultreo, the ultrasonic toothbrush. 

Dr. Mourad is currently professor  of neurological surgery and engineering at University of Washington in Bothell, WA. 

Dr. Edward Zuckerberg

Dr. Zuckerberg is dentist and travels to various dental conferences speaking on dental technologies and impact of Social Media marketing in dentistry.  


Product Creation Studio, Design Partner

ZERObrush has been partnering with Product Creation Studio in Seattle to design the prototype. Its been a very fruitful relationship helping us get quality products to users. 

KONARK Silicone, Manufacturing Partner

Sashi founded KONARK Silicone and is our manufacturing partner. Based in SoCal, Sashi is an expert in simplifying complex manufacturing tasks. And he firmly believes, design in USA and build it right here. Made in USA!   

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