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It starts with Oral Hygiene.

Oral hygiene is tied to our overall wellness.  A variety of health issues are directly related to Oral health.  

This all starts with our teeth.  We need to ensure that we are cleaning our teeth properly. 


With a brush, we need to:

Brush 2 to 3 times a day.

Brush for at lease 2 minutes.

Make sure we're not damaging our gums.

With ZB30:

Uses 2 to 3 times a day.

Bite down, 30 seconds, that's it.

No worries about damaging gums.

How Plaque Impacts Health

Dental Pellicle forms on your teeth over time, or shortly after eating. The bacterial biofilm attaches to the pellicle within hours; plaque. And if plaque isn't removed Tartar forms.

This impacts your health in a variety of ways.  Ranging from your Oral health (tooth decay, gum disease, etc) and even your general overall health (Gum infection increases risk of heart, stroke, lung, liver disease, and even increases risk of miscarriages).


How we help!

The key to our efficacy is our custom fit devices, personalized duration and unique frequencies tailored to you ensures a total clean, without damaging your gums. 

Through regular use, we disrupt the formation of Dental Pellicle which reduces the build up of plaque. Improving your oral wellness!

Best of all, we do this in less time (30 seconds), without error (automated cleaning) and it feels good (like a massage)!

We help you with your oral hygiene by making sure your teeth get the total clean, without needing to "brush correctly".

ZB30 is clinically proven to:

Reduce plaque between 20 - 50% over baseline

Reduce plaque creation after regular use (over 3 weeks)

We improve your gum health (reduction up to 30% in gum pocket size)

Not even in the same league.

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Total Clean:​

120 seconds

(2 minutes)

Am I brushing 


Am I brushing 

too hard?

Did brush all

of my teeth?

Which is the best brush head for me?



30 seconds 

Cleans each tooth surface for 30 seconds. Almost 30x more effective than brushing.

Bite down, thats it. We do the rest.

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